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    I do a lot of work on Word that I continually revise as things change.
    I am encountering a problem that I have never had before. After I
    have sent a document to My Documents and I later retrieve it, make a
    change or two, I can not return it to My Documents without changing
    the title. I get a message that I already have such a file set-up and
    must put in a different title. This is a nuisance as the document is
    the same with just a slight revision. I want to keep the original
    title and not have to continually change to a new title and i do not
    wish to have a file for both the original (which I no longer need) and
    the new revised document. For years I have been able to do this
    without any problem. I feel quite sure that it is because I some how
    have changed everything over to "Read Only" but I can not figure out
    how to go back to not having that restriction.

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    Nice post. I've been trying to catch up on some of the events and happenings since I landed on the island. Are you sure about Visser not getting a lot of votes.
    What is your footnote a reference to? The asterisk is missing from the main body of the posting.

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    Our destiny offers not the cup of despair , but the chalice of opportunity .

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